"Design is so simple, that's why it's so complicated." Paul Rand

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Digital Product
Project Management Platform
Brand Creation & Management
Creation, Branding Design, Management and Social Media.
UX/UI App Case Study
App concept for Events’ Planners.
Brand Creation & Management
Creation, Branding, Management and Social Media.
UI Design
User interface design for Troy Campbell Photography.
UI Touch Screen Design
UI Design for robot's touch screen at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. Client: Pal Robotics.
Web Design
Web and navigation design for different projects.
Logo Design Showcase
Logo designs for different projects.
Infographic for Revlon Uniq1 brand website
Packaging Yang-Tse
Product line for the brand Yang-Tse.
Web Portfolio
Graphic and navigation design.
Event Branding
Visual Design for the Barcelona Roller Marathon.
Corporate Image
Visual Design for The Bilingual Communicator.
Art Exhibition Event
Curator, Designer and Artist at the Roller Skates Dance Exhibition "Dance & Roll" 2014.
Poster design for different projects.
Corporate Image
Historical Projects, a company dedicated to the restoration and project development of properties.
A lettering design based in lines, circles and automatic color fills.
Corporate Image
Profrost, German Transportation Company.
Book Project
Book demo for a project for the construction industry.
For Industrial Kitchen
Logos Automotive
SEAT Promotional Campaign Product Line.
Sales Folder Cover Layouts
Layouts for the SEAT Ibiza Sport Coupè catalog.
Collages and Infographic for diverse campaigns.
Web Portfolio
Past personal website
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